Crispy Qatayaf



Cheesecake Recipe
Beghrir Pancakes
Pistachio Powder
Turkish Delight
Green Strawberries
Honey Cardamom Syrup
Strawberry & Sumac Recipe


Lay out beghrir pancakes on counter;

Put a tablespoon of cheesecake filling in the center & push in 3 pieces of Turkish delight;

Fold pancake in half to create a ½ moon shape, crimp the pancake with a fluted cutter;

Deep fry at 340°F then soak pancakes in cardamom syrup for 30 seconds;

Dip one side in pistachio powder;

Arrange sliced rounds of strawberries on plate;

Spoon around sumac strawberries around qatayef;

Place thinly sliced green strawberries and mint cress